The printer is amazing but when they work, but when they don’t work they are frustrating.

Here are some problem related to the printer with their solution

1) The printer won't print
Some times it happens that we have installed a software which has a virtual printer and they set itself as the default, so when we print in the word we are actually saving file instead of sending a document to a printer. To check, go the start menu then open the control panel. Then go to Device and printers, right click the correct printer to use and set it as the default.
Then make sure that the correct printer is selected in the program.

Canon printer troubleshooting link Canon Printer Customer Support Number

2) Excel Document and photos printing problem

Sometimes it happens that excel document and photos won't print properly because of the printing problem.

web pages

In a web, page problem occurs because of because it is not designed to be printed. The shape and size of the web page do not fix, it can be of any size means its height and width is not fix. If a web page is very wide then choose landscape mode, always choose the print preview option to see what you get.

Office documents

If you want to print excel sheet then select only the cells which you have to print before clicking print. Then choose the print selection and change the option to make sure that it fits well or not on A4 sheet. You can also reduce the size of the margins, and switch from landscape to portrait orientation.
Photos and pictures

For image print, just right click in window explorer and click print. In this way, you can choose how large to print each photo. If you have selected multiple photos in a folder, then right click and choose print then you will able to print them all at a time.

Poor print quality

Sometimes the quality of the print is poor because of the nozzles on inkjet printer heads can become blocked causing horizontal streaks on prints and poor colors. By cleaning the printer heads can solve the problem.

The type of paper sometimes also affect the quality of a print. Buy good quality paper for the best prints. Laser printers and the right paper gives the best results.
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